Chris Vargo

About Chris

My journey began September 27, 1964 on Suscon Road in Pittston Township, Pennsylvania. As a child I spent most of my time exploring the creeks and lakes in the scenic Pocono Mountains. My most memorable explorations were hiking upstream on the many creeks. These hikes unveiled some of the most beautiful lakes and waterfalls. I would sit and listen to the sounds of the water and visually absorb the beauty of nature, which these natural wonders had to offer. Those moments alone with nature"s beauty allowed me to develop my spirituality and find my faith. The connection with water from these explorations influenced me to become a swimmer. The dedication and determination obtained from swimming has kept me focused while achieving my goals and dealing with the challenges of life.

Upon graduating high school, I briefly attended Scranton University. Due to financial challenges I dropped out and started working for a friend, who at the time was starting a new housing development in the Poconos. This brought me back to the environment, which I so loved as a child. Starting out as a laborer, I learned many of the 'ins-and-outs' of the construction industry from swinging a hammer to running all types of heavy equipment. This friend, who I considered a mentor, helped to shape my skills and work ethics. While working for him a new challenge was uncovered. I noticed that it was becoming harder for me to see certain things that others found easy. I was directed, due too the type of equipment I was operating, to get my eyes examined. Little did I know that what lie ahead would change my life forever! I was diagnosed a few months later with the rare eye disease known as fundus flavimaculatus (aka: Stargardt's Disease), a form of macular degeneration. The medical staff advised me that I would eventually lose my eyesight. I was very proud of what I had accomplished working those years and enjoyed running the various trucks and excavating equipment. Due to my pride and the fear of hurting someone I left my career, friends and family and moved to the west coast, where I started a new life.

At the age of 29, and starting a new career in California, I found it difficult to find a job suitable for someone with a degenerative eye disease. Frustrated and concerned, I turned to exercise and swimming, which has always been my outlet when troubled. This inspired me to take up a new career in the health field. I obtained my personal training certification and also went to school for massage therapy. Settling in Palm Springs, California, I continued to develop my skills further. Using my creativity and life's education, I was inspired to build my own home from which I live and work.

Entering my 40's I still feel that life has its many challenges, but the true challenge in everyone's life is to overcome its obstacles and find the beauty of those waterfalls hidden deep within your childhood memories. There is always a way with whatever challenge you may have been dealt to enhance your life and make yourself even stronger. Share this journey with me by and together we can make your goals and dreams a reality!