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"As a Palm Springs personal trainer and massage therapist for the past 20 years I have discovered one of my many passions. By sharing my experiences and everyday challenges with my loss of sight, nutrition, fitness and relaxation I am dedicated to helping others find theirs.
Many clients confide in me that they just don't have the time or resources for self-improvement, my most recent discovery rises to the challenge in the form of the Range of Motion machine (ROM). This unique piece of exercise and fitness equipment offers a total body workout in only 8-minutes and at an extremely low cost.
For those clients who are interested in a more traditional fitness routine I invite you to visit me at my comprehensive home gym to discuss an approach that fits your individual needs.
Also, my many years of experience in massage can help bring relaxation to your day. Please join hundreds of repeat visitors who have changed their lives by scheduling your appointment today!"

- Chris Vargo

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